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Escape License Key Hell

Eliminate the time-wasting hassle of managing license keys across multiple environments. Activate plugin licenses once in production and easily update staging and development machines.

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Automate Composer Support

Crate automatically caches plugin releases and makes them available to Composer. No extra infrastructure, manually managed repositories, or checking vendor packages in alongside custom code.

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Repository Browser Prototype

Repository browser prototype
Early prototype demonstrating a decentralized repository browser, plugin version caching, and the ease of installing and uninstalling plugins on connected sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Crate for?

Anyone that uses multiple environments for developing, testing and deploying their WordPress sites can benefit from Crate. We think it’s ideal for people in a number of different roles, but broadly have the needs of developers, agencies, and maintenance providers in mind.

How will Crate be licensed?

Crate will be licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Where did the name Crate come from?
The estimable Ryan Sullivan of WP Site Care fame suggested it and graciously allowed us to use it.
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Built by the team at Cedaro, namely Brady Vercher, Brody Vercher, and Luke McDonald. We release quality, open-source tools for WordPress on GitHub and build themes and plugins for bands and musicians at AudioTheme and